Why Do Married Couples in Japan Sleep Separately

Smaller houses and apartments don’t stop many Japanese couples from sleeping in different beds or even rooms. This is not some kind of an intimate issue or problem with the relationship, but something that they believe is good for them.

We at Bright Side found out why married couples in Japan choose to sleep separately, and we really like their reasons.

They have different sleep schedules.

The first thing that makes Japanese couples decide to go to bed separately is different work schedules. Waking up your significant other just because you got home late from work or have to leave early won’t result in good quality rest for them. This is why spending the night in a different room makes sense. This will give them both an undisturbed and healthier sleep.

Babies sleep with their mothers.

Japanese mothers sleep with their children and this is considered very important, so the father needs to decide if he wants to share the same bed or go to a different room. Even science has proven that co-sleeping can help parents and children get a more restful sleep. It helps the child to maintain a stable temperature and heart rate (which is really critical in infancy) and at the same time, it decreases the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. Also, this contributes to the child having better self-esteem, becoming independent faster, and doing great in school.

For them, sleeping separately means peace.

While many couples who start to sleep alone think that divorce is at their door, the Japanese see it differently. They value their sleep a lot and they don’t want to be disturbed while sleeping. This means that they don’t need and don’t like to put up with snoring, restless sleep, kicking, etc. Even though some don’t have the opportunity to sleep in different rooms, they still wish they could get their beauty sleep.

Couples have a history of sleeping separately.

Futons are filled with cotton, which provides support and comfort. In the past, only single sized ones were used as beds. So, even if you wanted to cuddle up with your loved one, you would have ended up between the sheets, on the cold floor, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable. Today there are families that still use this type of bedding, especially because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is easy to store.

Do you sleep separately from your partner? Do you think this type of practice might be even better for your relationship?

Kylie Jenner Is Criticized for Piercing Her Daughter’s Ears

Piercing a baby’s ears has always sparked debate, with people divided on its safety and ethics. While some see it as a harmless tradition or a personal choice, others worry about consent, health risks, and the child’s autonomy. The controversy flared up when celebrity influencer Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her daughter, Stormi Webster, with pierced ears. This picture led to widespread discussion and criticism, once again bringing attention to the ongoing debate about piercing babies’ ears.

© kyliejenner / Instagram

Lots of babies around the world get their ears pierced, but it’s the earlobes of famous babies that get people talking online about whether it’s safe for little ones to wear jewelry. When her daughter Stormi Webster was five months old, Kylie shared a picture of her lying on a bed in a softly lit pink room. Followers noticed the tiny studs in Stormi’s ears, which were barely visible but still caught their attention.

© kyliejenner / Instagram

Jenner is used to social media controversies, but the criticism about her young daughter and parenting skills is particularly harsh this time. Some strongly argue against piercing a baby’s ears, while others call Jenner “cruel” and “thoughtless.” “Is she going to start putting big earrings in her [ears] now [they’re] pierced? A [baby’s] ear is still forming and growing at that age,” one user wrote. “Piercing a babies ears!!!! @kyliejenner be ashamed of yourself. This is utterly disgraceful,” another follower commented.

© kyliejenner / Instagram

Although getting a baby’s ears pierced is usually seen as safe, doctors warn about the risk of infections. Some suggest waiting until your baby is around 4 months old. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t have a clear rule on when it’s best to pierce ears. They recommend waiting until a child can take care of the piercing themselves, but they don’t say no to piercing babies.

© kyliejenner / Instagram

Kylie Jenner and her former partner Travis Scott gained notice for their unique parenting style. Travis revealed that they give their toddler Stormi a lot of independence. He mentioned they let Stormi choose her bedtime, deciding whether she wants to sleep at the usual time or stay up later. Stormi consistently chooses bedtime, which surprises many parents who appreciate her commitment to a good sleep routine.

Some parents think piercing their baby’s ears heals faster when they’re young. Others believe it’s important to respect their child’s autonomy and find piercing without consent unethical. Although tiny earrings might look cute, they can be dangerous for babies, causing injuries during play or even choking hazards.

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