«Wonderful act by dad!» The man’s body was covered with tattoos, but he removed them for the sake of his daughter

«From a monster to a handsome man!»The man’s point of view changed dramatically when a daughter was born into the his familyHe removed tattoos, see the result here

Famous Australian blogger Ethan Modboy Bramble surprised his fans when he covered his entire body with tattoos. The 24-year-old is impossible to miss due to the fact that 95% of his body is covered in tattoos, he has a cut tongue, cropped ears, black eyelids, flared nostrils, a sewn-in belly button and black eyeballs.

When we look at this man, it immediately seems to us that he will not stop doing plastic surgery to make changes to his body. But fortunately, he changed his mind when his daughter was born into his family.–Advertisment–


After the birth of his baby, he made a serious decision to do everything to bring his body as close as possible to its natural appearance. Despite the fact that all the experiments were expensive and caused him pain, he still decided to remove the tattoos.
Now a famous blogger undergoes procedures to look like a normal person. Every day brighter spots appear on his body. The young father showed what he looked like before and now.

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I Found Out My Daughter-in-Law Uses Trips to My House as a Punishment — So I Came Up with a Smart Strategy

Upon learning that her daughter-in-law sends her grandchildren to her as a form of discipline, Gina feels both upset and determined. Instead of reacting angrily, she makes sure her home is a safe haven for her grandchildren. Eventually, she decides to teach her daughter-in-law an unforgettable lesson.

“We are only here because you ate that candy that Mom was saving for Dad, Jacob. Mom told you not to!” I overheard my grandson, Thomas, telling his younger brother.

I paused in the kitchen, torn between the fridge and the counter, straining to catch more of their conversation. My heart sank, dreading that I had heard Thomas correctly, as it could mean my grandchildren weren’t genuinely eager to visit me.

I walked towards them slowly, trying to act casual.

“What do you mean by that, sweetheart?” I asked.

Thomas looked up, eyes wide in surprise.

“Uh, nothing, Grandma,” he said quickly.

No, really, it’s okay,” I gently insisted, kneeling down to their level. “You can tell me anything.”

Thomas glanced at Jacob, who nervously bit his lip while gripping his toy.

“Well, every time we do something naughty, or we ask for things we shouldn’t…” Thomas hesitated.

“Yes, go on,” I encouraged gently.

“Mom says that she’ll send us to ‘that witch’s house.’”

“That witch?” I repeated, stunned.

Amanda, my daughter-in-law, had always been somewhat cold to me, but telling the kids such stories? It was heartbreaking. I had always tried to create a welcoming and safe space for my grandchildren.

But this?

Realizing Amanda was turning them against me was more than I could bear. I took a deep breath and tried to steady my voice, wondering what my grandchildren truly thought of me.

“Oh, honey,” I said. “I never wanted you to think of my home as a punishment. If you don’t want to come here, you don’t have to.”

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